Have water damage? Don't make a plumber your first call.

By: CEO Rachel Conroy

    You have Water Damage, you panic, call the Plumber? Maybe then call a Water Damage Restoration Company for the mitigation? Now you have to not only find a Contractor but you are now lost in the red tape of the complex claims process. Instead you should call a licensed and experienced company such as ours. We can handle your claim from start to finish. 

     If you call a plumber first know that they can not restore your home. I can not tell you how many homes we enter with holes in the wall or even in the concrete for reroutes/repipes left open. They will get your water back on and that is it. Also know that 99.9% of Insurance companies do not cover plumbing reroutes or pipe repairs. If you are lucky, they may cover the drywall patch, which is rare, but the Plumber will not patch the holes. You will need to hire a contractor for that and it is typically an out-of-pocket expense

    If you have water damage, you need a restoration mitigation company. TCC General Contracting Inc is a Water Damage Restoration Company IICRC certified firm and an S520 Micro Mold Remediation Contractor. We also are certified In Rapid RH concrete drying and are an EPA Lead safe Firm. We can handle your claim and eliminate the need for multiple contractors. We even use the same underwriting program as your insurance company to negotiate the repairs claim on your behalf as our client.

    Contractors' license laws are complex. For example, a plumber may hold a plumbing license only. So they can only perform that trade legally. It is a misconception that a Licensed B General Contractor cannot handle your reroute of plumbing. They can also do your drywall and paint. As long as they are performing more than two trades. (framing doesn't count as one of the trades.) Check out Fast Facts on for these facts and more.

    * TCC General Contracting Does not perform Lead and Asbestos abatement. These require specialty licenses, but we can guide and inform you of the process that needs to take place.

    Unless you are a trained project manager who wants to handle all the multiple contractors, Let TCC be your first call. With our skilled team of tradesmen, We can handle Plumbing reroutes and repipes, including drywall repairs AND MORE. So please don't get stuck in the game of call my friend or here's a card, or you will be stuck in an even longer claims process.

    Higher  Licensed Contractor experienced in the Restoration Industry with the ability to guide you through this process. One that can handle the whole job that is skilled in negotiations with the insurance companies in order to return your home to pre-loss condition. Or at least coordinate it for you. It's a stressful time for homeowners. Plumbing is necessary, and plumbing companies know no one wants to go without water.

Make TCC your First call. Let us help you restore